Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Statement

At Queens C of E Academy, we have created a curriculum which we believe will inspire our children to learn more about the world around them, building on what they already know and preparing them for the next steps in their learning, and giving them opportunities to develop the essential skills for life in modern Britain.

Using a classic story as a starting point for each term’s topic, we aim to foster an enjoyment of reading which will not only engage the children’s interest in mastering the essential literacy skills, but will arouse a curiosity to find out more about the events, characters and settings of the books. Therefore, whenever possible, History, Geography, Art, Science and Religious Education are explored through the themes that unfold in the stories, drawing on the rich and varied cultural traditions of our local community.We believe that taking this thematic approach is the most effective way to build social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning into every child’s education.

Mathematics, Computing and Physical Education are taught as discrete subjects to develop children’s skills systematically, following National Curriculum programmes of study, although opportunities to apply these are outlined when appropriate.


If you would like a greater understanding of the school curriculum please contact either Mrs Carvell or Mr McDonald on telephone no:02476 382906 or email:

Alternatively please take a look at the class pages in the curriculum section.


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