School Times

Before school begins

From 8:40am there is a member of staff on duty in the playground.  Please have your child in school by 8:40am as this gives them time to meet up with their friends.  

Please do not bring dogs onto the playground.  The school grounds are a non-smoking area.

Break time

Playtimes are mid-morning and 15 minutes long.  Children may bring a snack to school or buy fruit.  We encourage healthy eating and children should not bring sweets or fizzy drinks. 

We encourage children to use the toilets during break and lunchtimes so that classroom routines are not disturbed.  By the time your child reaches Year 3 we believe children should be able to wait for these breaks.  If there is a particular health reason why this may prove difficult, please let us know.  We encourage children to take part in games at break time.


From 12.15 – 1.10pm is lunchtime.  Lunch is eaten in the small hall under guidance of the mid-day supervisors.  Children may either have a cooked meal from the canteen, a home packed lunch, or go home for their lunch.  There is always a vegetarian option served along with fruit, salad and other healthy options.  

Home time

School finishes at 3:10pm.  Please make sure your child is aware of collection arrangements.  Year 3 children will leave from the door opposite home studies.  If there is likely to be a delay in collecting your child or there is a change in arrangement please let us know and we will inform your child.  There are shelters provided on the playground to protect from bad weather.  For Health and Safety reason we ask parents not to use the gate by the staff car park to deliver/collect children from school.  This gate is used for staff vehicle access only.